Next Little Things: Jerry Paper, Cuushe, Bitchin Bajas, and more

Eighteen bite-sized reviews of physical releases from the musical underground.


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    Next Little Things is a monthly round-up of limited-run, mostly experimental vinyl/tape releases reviewed by Grant Purdum.


    In 2002, this college radio kid told me he was putting the latest Talkdemonic album out on tape.

    “On … tape?” I cracked, much like a lot of the disbelieving recent articles about the cassette resurgence. “Why, man?”

    I seem to remember that I never got a satisfactory answer, and seeing as my vinyl addiction was in full swing, I didn’t think anything of it. Now, 13 years later, Jon Dobrolowski, former editor/publisher of Left Coast magazine and heavy metal cover art guy, looks like a damn genius. How did this happen?


    Easy: He believed in what he was doing and didn’t care what the trends were. I’ve seen dozens of Dobrolowskis make waves in the indie rock world by sticking to their guns and ignoring the scoff-wielding majority. If you have a vision, don’t let anyone tell you it’s far-fetched because TAPES CAME BACK. If that can happen, anything can. (Except eight-tracks. Those are gone for good, unfortunately for your used Camaro.)

    Here are 18 bite-sized reviews to tide you over while you work on your forward-thinking masterpiece.

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