Next Little Things: Porcelain Raft, Julian Lynch, Michael O., and more

Eighteen bite-sized reviews of physical releases from the musical underground.


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    Next Little Things is a monthly round-up of limited-run, mostly experimental vinyl/tape releases reviewed by Grant Purdum.


    Had a conversation recently with a label owner who is at his wit’s end. He can’t get anyone to review his releases, premiere his releases, or even listen to his releases despite their obvious relevance. Why?

    I’ve also talked to a lot of great bands over the last year who can’t seem to find a label to put out, or even listen to (sound familiar?), their music despite a history of success in the cassette world. Why?

    In my mind, a lot of folks have fallen in love with familiarity. Labels are releasing music by their buddies and refusing to give strangers a chance, and in turn a lot of us in the media world are doing the same, covering familiar names and rarely venturing outside of our comfort zones.

    I don’t have any solutions here, only the resolve to push back where I can. In this very column (NLT’s fourth edition if anyone’s keeping track), in fact, I went so far as to cover an entity that may or may not exist in the present (Lewis). I also look into a 12-inch collaboration that literally avoided being reviewed (Silent Servant/51717), and several bands/artists (Swearwords, Julian Lynch, Opaline, Sparkling Wide Pressure, Porcelain Raft) I’ve never previously written about. It’s a start, right?

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