The Jesus and Mary Chain: Barbed Wire Kisses by Zoë Howe

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    bookclub thumb squareOur Aux.Out. Book Club regularly reads and discusses either a canonical piece of music writing or something fresh off the presses. This month, we sat down with Zoë Howe’s brand-new biography, The Jesus and Mary Chain: Barbed Wire Kisses (St. Martin’s Press), a full-throttle telling of the Reid brothers’ rise from the little Scottish factory town of East Kilbride to become the creative team behind one of the ’80s’ most influential bands. Read on for the Book Club’s reaction to The Jesus and Mary Chain: Barbed Wire Kisses.

    Book Club Members:
    — Matt Melis, Senior Editor
    — Paula Mejia, Contributing Writer

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    Purchase: Buy a copy of The Jesus and Mary Chain: Barbed Wire Kisses here.


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