The Stand – Book I: Captain Trips Proves Nobody Writes a Pandemic Like Stephen King

Stephen King's The Stand
Stephen King’s The Stand

    “That wasn’t any act of God. That was an act of pure human fuckery.”

    Constant Listeners, please do not panic. There is absolutely no truth to this so-called “Captain Trips.” It’s a lie perpetuated by the liberal media in order to smear the current administration. What you, or your family, or your friends are experiencing is simply another common cold, which is why they’re called “common.” In fact, you’re probably sick from being outside for so long listening to all those short stories by the campfire.

    Have faith in your government.

    Join us as The Losers’ Club discuss and debate the themes, characters, and sordid fates of Stephen King’s 1978 apocalyptic masterpiece, The Stand. We’ll also share what freaks us out, what makes us laugh, and what makes us cringe. As per tradition, our goal is to be as comprehensive as possible, which is why we’re dedicating four epic episodes to this book, which should cover each of the three sections and the 1994 adaptation.

    What’s more, we even have some sweet treats in the weeks between major episodes.


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