Suspect208 on Carving Their Own Path, Influences, Fathers’ Legacies, and More: Video Interview

The sons of Slash, Robert Trujillo, and Scott Weiland are determined to make it on their own

Suspect208 (clockwise from upper left: Noah Weiland, London Hudson, Tye Trujillo, Niko Tsangaris)

    Suspect208 are a very new and very young band, but the members’ last names are very familiar. And when they released their debut single, “Long Awaited”, last month, it absolutely blew up.

    London Hudson (drums), Tye Trujillo (bass), and Noah Weiland (vocals) are the sons of Guns N’ Roses’ Slash, Metallica’s Robert Trujillo, and late Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland, respectively. Suspect208’s lineup is rounded out by guitarist Niko Tsangaris. Their ages range from 16 to 20, and they only officially formed a few months ago.

    With “Long Awaited”, Suspect208 drew comparisons to Velvet Revolver, a supergroup that featured Scott Weiland and Slash. However, their second single, “All Black”, offered a completely different vibe, with elements of pop amidst its guitar-driven melody.


    We had the opportunity to chat with all four members of the band at once, thanks to Zoom, and quickly found out that Suspect208 are looking to carve out their own path. While they appreciate the legacies of their famous fathers, they’re very much doing this on their own.

    “Drumming is my main passion,” London told us in the video above. “And I would say it really called me just ’cause I didn’t want to f**kin’ live in my dad [Slash’s] shadow. I don’t think I can get better than him, if I played guitar. I’m not trying to. I’m just trying to f**kin’ do my own thing, and have fun, and hopefully people gel with what I do.”

    When “Long Awaited” was released, Noah’s vocals drew a lot of comparisons to his father, but as he tells us, that’s just one aspect of his singing style. “‘Long Awaited’ is just one small portion of my voice,” Noah explained. “Before all this, I was only doing R&B and rap. … I get a lot of my melodies from R&B and pop.”


    In addition to discussing the first single and their immediate plans, each member of the band talked about their influences, with Tye mentioning, in addition to his dad, Black Sabbath’s Geezer Butler, late Metallica bassist Cliff Burton, and Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea, among others.

    Watch the video above for our Zoom interview with Suspect208, including a can’t-miss entrance by Noah Weiland, the advice they’ve gotten from their famous dads, and a hilarious prediction of where they think they’ll be in 10 years.

    Trouble viewing the video above? Watch on YouTube.

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